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Welcome to Rancho Puerto Blanco

Welcome to the website of Rancho Puerto Blanco in Caborca, Sonora, Mexico.

This large working ranch that is also a major Northern Sonora tourist destination is located just a short drive from the Arizona border in the Mexican state of Sonora and is home to the largest concentration of rock art – petroglyphs and pictographs – in Latin America.

Its two main petroglyph sites, La Proveedora and San Jose Hill, combined have nearly 6,000 examples of fascinating ancient rock art. See the different ways that the human form was depicted in artistic form by ancient rock artists, as well as a variety of other shapes that they left behind to describe their world – animals, scenes and freeform designs.

Visits to the ranch are by appointment only, so please contact us today with questions or to make reservations to visit this truly special place.



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The Beauty of the Sonoran Desert


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Rancho Puerto Blanco Announces Self-Directed Ranch Visits

Español Rancho Puerto Blanco, located in the municipality of Caborca, Sonora, Mexico and the site of the greatest concentration of rock-art petroglyphs in Latin America, has announced its policies for self-directed visits to the ranch for the 2017 - 2018 tourist...

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Exploring a Ritual Space and Ancient Observatory

Español In December of 2014 I was fortunate to be at the ranch at the same time as a group of experienced rock-art researchers and experts from California. They spent several days exploring the petroglyphs of La Proveedora and...

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