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How to find Rancho Puerto Blanco
The entrance to Rancho Puerto Blanco

The entrance to Rancho Puerto Blanco

Directions to Rancho Puerto Blanco


Rancho Puerto Blanco is located on the south side of Sonora highway 37, approximately 4.5 miles west of the city of Heroica Caborca, Sonora. Please note that we require a reservation request with confirmation at least one day prior to your planned visit. Request a reservation.

Coming from Caborca

In order to find the ranch, there is only one street that you need to find – Calle Obregon, the main east-to-west thoroughfare through Caborca

Calle Obregon (also known as Sonora highway 37) starts at an intersection with Mexico highway 2, with a Dairy Queen / Pemex station on one side and an Oxxo convenience store on the other. Obregon is briefly a two-way street, but after two blocks (at the location of the Social Security hospital) it continues through Caborca as a one-way, westbound street.

Any main north-south avenue in Caborca will intersect with Obregon. Once you have found it, drive until you reach the intersection where it once again becomes a two-way street. From that location, the ranch is approximately 4.5 miles ahead.

Just before reaching the ranch, you will see a PasaMex raisin packing facility on the left side of the road. The ranch entrance is just ahead, also on the left. There is a white billboard frame located after the entrance – if you pass it, you have gone too far. Not to worry though, just drive another half mile, where you can turn in to the parking lot for the roadside shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe and turn around.

Coming from the Coast on Highway 37

As you near Caborca on highway 37, you will pass the white buildings of a grape-processing facility on the left side of the road and see a series of hills up ahead. As you get nearer to the hills the highway makes a dogleg turn to an east-west orientation. You will pass a small roadside shrine on the right, and a larger hillside shrine on the left, and the ranch is just ahead on the right (south) side of the road.

Just before you reach the ranch you will see the white frame of a billboard, which is located at the ranch entrance. Take a right turn into the ranch’s driveway.