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Ancient Calendar

Ancient solar calendar at Rancho Puerto Blanco
winter solstice sunset

A winter solstice sunset at the notch between mountains of an ancient solar calendar

On a secluded hilltop of Rancho Puerto Blanco is a primitive rock structure where ancient peoples would observe ceremonies and other special occasions.


From this special place, the group’s designated “Sun Watcher” would gauge the position of the rising and setting sun with respect to local features of the terrain, to identify important annual dates like solstices and equinoxes. His guidance would then be used to prepare ceremonies and other rituals.


This ancient calendar was initially identified and confirmed by a group of researcher from the University of Mexico in Mexico City (UNAM), and in late 2014 was confirmed by an internationally renowned astronomer-archaeologist as being an ancient calendar.

Because this is a protected archaeological site, Rancho Puerto Blanco can only allow access to the hilltop to select groups at designated events of the annual calendar – solstices and equinoxes.

Please contact us to get details of future visits to the site.