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Plan your visit to Rancho Puerto Blanco

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Prices for Visits to Rancho Puerto Blanco

September 2017 – May 2018

The prices for visiting Rancho Puerto Blanco are in U.S. dollars on a per-person basis; please contact us for group pricing.

Visit to Petroglyphs and Nature Trails

A day visit to the La Proveedora and San Jose petroglyph zones costs $20 per person. Starting this year, for the reservation confirmation process, we are collecting payments online via PayPal. Request a reservation.

Overnight Stays at the Ranch

If you would like to spend more than one day at the ranch, we offer options for multi-day stays on the ranch property.

Stay overnight at our ranch house

You and your group can stay at our two-bedroom ranch house and extend your stay for an even better price! The per-person cost of $30 per person, per night includes access to the petroglyphs for the day you arrive and the following morning. Request a reservation.


Pitch a tent in our native Sonoran desert evironment, and experience the scene as the ancients did thousands of years ago. The price for camping is $30 per person, which also includes access to the petroglyphs on the day of arrival and the following morning. Campers are also welcome to use the showers and kitchen at our ranch house. Request a reservation.